Reviving Compassion

At the time of a greater human connectivity, one thing seems to start lacking in each of us, compassion. Why did I arrive at this conclusion so willingly? A mere observation of how people are acting around me. At the age of superficiality, promoted by social media and the internet, there are people who show the best of their imagery may it be in real pictures or in their statuses, tweets and comments. At the same time, there are people who profoundly show the worst of their human traits, the hateful, prejudiced, and condescending ones.

Both behaviour, in my humble opinion, rooted in nature of internet users isolation. probably many studies has shown, that in the save bastion of one’s home and in the guise of anonymity, brazen insult does not seemed like a bad thing at all, compared to the ones that fly straight out of one’s mouth. But the pain inflicted upon others are real. So real that many people stopped talking to each other.

Even the egalitarian nature of the internet can sadly goes wrong. Being a person in the internet realm, you can send your most hateful comments to anyone. Some countries regulated this type of hate speech under their laws, that sometime leads to censorship, the exact opposite of what internet is supposed to be.

Now what are we suppose to do to encourage more positive outcome of our online time? Ironically I would suggest to disconnect. Stop being omnipresent online, reconnect with humanity, real ones that is. Get together with our friends and family without bothering to pose for a picture for later posts. Immerse in the reality, in the sounds, sights, smells of the real world. Refresh our social skills, and learn to understand people more. On top of everything, just be thankful that we are still alive to experience it all….

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