Can’t Launch GCompris on Natty – Guide For Noob Mom

I upgraded my son’s PC from Maverick to Natty. After upgrade process, turns out that his favorite education suite, which is GCompris, can no longer run on Natty. The application menu and the shortcut doesn’t work. This was probably caused by the switched from Gnome to Unity as the default desktop environment.

In my case, the application is still installed (some people have reported bugs after upgrading that removed the application or some part of it), but it won’t lauch. So, after some googling I found information from here that the application can run via the terminal command. Great! I try it and tadaaaa … it works.

I know that my son won’t be able to run GCompris via terminal (yet). So I decided to create a launcher on the Desktop. Here’s how

1. Right click anywhere on the Desktop and click Create Launcher …

2. Fill in the Name box with “GCompris”

3. Fill in the Command box with “gcompris &”

4. Klik OK

That’s IT! My son is napping now, I hope he will be excited when he wakes up this afternoon finding his favorite application back.

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