It works! After hard time labouring upon LTSP server and client, Mas Yud is finally gain his success. I am now blogging from an old computer without a harddisk. Booting from LTSP server, this prehistoric (hihihi a bit of exaggeration) computer is now displaying fedora core 5.

This success means we can ‘revive’ some of the old computers scattered around this place and to start utilize them again.

Just a few days ago, my mother in law asked Mas Yud to get rid of ‘junk of computers’, but I guess that’s not the case now, we have to sort them out really good before we tossed them away.

3 thoughts on “IT WORKS!!!!

  1. Gile Mie, gue nyobain install pake ubuntu agak ribet bo’. Gue nyobain pake versi server CD nya. Install macem-macemnya kan via internet tuh, nama paket-paket aptitude nya banyak yang ndak apal euy. 🙁

    Giliran pake FC5 (yang persi DVD), install OS, install ltsp, langsung jalan doi. 😀 Musti utik-utik dikit dhcpd.conf ama lts.conf nya aja.

    Ini gue lagi nunggu kiriman DVD nya ubuntu, pingin nyobain lagi apa lebih gampang ato sama aja. Huehuehuehuehue.

    Ntar episode slanjutnya cerita hasil perjuangan versus ubuntu DVD. Hohohoho.

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