LighthalzenSetelah sekian lama absen dari Ragnarok Online, sekarang nyoba main lagi nih. 🙂 Ampe lupa bo’ shortcut nya.

Kebetulan pula pas main lagi, pas pagi ada ragnarok episode baru, Lighthalzen. Lumayan ribet juga kalo mau ke kotanya, musti naik pesawat dari Juno. Bayar 1.200 zeny naik shuttle keliling ke Einbroch, Juno, ama Lighthalzen.

Setelah keliling-keliling kota + field-nya (Einbroch, Einben, Lighthalzen), mulai nyari dungeon baru nih. Hasil googling istri (mania juga doi, hihihihi), dapet juga dungeonnya Lighthalzen, Bio Laboratory. Btw, dungeonnya Einbroch masi belom ketemu euy, apa emang blom keluar ya?

Ternyataaaaaaa, masuk ke bio lab kudu bawa 20 jellopy! Ancur.. jaman gini? Jellopy? Sapa coba yang ngoleksi jellopy? Nyari-nyari di NPC gak ada yang jualan (siwul). Akhirnya bunuhin sodaranya poring yang warna kuning (lupa namanya).

Setelah beberapa quest, masuk juga ke bio lab. Isinya.. wadoh.. agak-agak susah kalo maen solo di sana. *fiuh* Buat yang belom bisa ke bio lab, ini ada contekannya. Huehuehuehehuehue.. ati ati en selamat hunt deh di sana. /no1

How to access Biolabs

First make your way to Lighthaltzen and go over to the “poor” section of the city. If you’ve done the Friendship quest, just have the pass on you and the guard (lighthalzen 267, 200) will let you through. If not, you will be doing one of 2 things:

  • If the guard is wondering how so many are getting through, this means that the Gangster Alert is on. You will have to kill a couple of Mobsters until the alert is cancelled.
  • If the guard is telling you to leave, then the alert is not up. Just keep clicking on him until you get the “chance” to sneak past or when he’s asleep.

Once your in the poor section, look for Fishbone (lighhalzen 340, 225) and talk to him. He will wonder why you are staring at him. Keep talking to him until he gets angry and asks why you keep staring at him. Again, just keep talking to him until he asks you for 20 jellopy. Accept his offer and when you give him the jellopy, he will then show you how to get in the lab. You get teleported into a room with 4 portals. DO NOT MOVE! Instead, type “/where” to determine your coordinates. based on this, you will enter portals in a certain order. To make it simple, imagine the room as it was a clock. The portal in between the two Experiment Tubes will be designated as 3 o’clock. The portal directly opposite of that will be 9 o’clock. The portal close to the left tubes will be 12 o’clock and the one close to the right tube will be 6 o’clock. Here is the target coordinates and the portal sequence:

  • Cube Room 67, 193 – 12 > 3 > 9 > 12 > 9
  • Cube Room 66, 136 – 3 > 12 > 6 > 6 > 9
  • Cube Room 67, 74 – 6 > 3 > 9 > 6 > 9

If in case you mess up, simply determine your coordinates and do it again.

If done right, you will end up in a room full of interactable items. There is no real sequence to doing this part, but I suggest to do it in this order to avoid confusion.

By the door you spawned from, there will be a CHEST. Interact with it and you will get an Axe. Walk a little forward and you should see a BARREL. Interact with it and use the Axe on it. It will break open and you will see that there is a numeric keypad on it.

Go over to the DESK and on the floor there will be a BUNDLE OF FILES. Rummage through the files and you will obtain a Red Key. Directly beside the DESK there is a DRAWER. When you interact with it, use the Red Key and you will get a Jackknife. Go back to the DESK and on the wall there will be a PICTURE. Interact with it and use the Jackknife. When you pry back the PICTURE it will reveal a set of numbers. There will be 3 different numbers sequence you will get.

  • 3 6 4 1 2 8 7 1 5
  • 4 9 3 7 6 2 8 6 6
  • 4 3 2 9 1 6 8 2 7

(I’ve done the quest multiple times already and have encounter only these 3. Please let me know if there are other numbers out there. /thx)

Go back to the BARREL and click on it. Input the numbers you got from the PICTURE one at a time. When it opens, you will get a Yellow Key. Go by the DESK and to the left of it there will be an EXPERIMENT TUBE and a POWER GENERATOR. Click on the POWER GENERATOR and use the Yellow Key on it. The GENERATOR will turn off along with a STATUS LIGHT. Go to the DRAWER and above it is the STATUS LIGHT. Break the bulb and it will drop a Black Key. Return the the EXPERIMENT TUBE and use the Black Key. You will obtain an Oval.

Go over to the DESK and click on it. Search UNDER THE DESK and you will get a Short Stick. Now go to the BED and click on it. Search UNDER THE BED and you will find another Short Stick. You put the 2 sticks together and you will get a Long Stick. Click on the BED again and search UNDER THE BED. Use the Long Stick and you will get a Cube.

Make your way over to the table on the bottom left part of the room and there will be a GOBLET. Examine it and you will get a Rusty Key. Go back to the DESK and on the wall directly above it there will be some CHEMICALS. Click on it and use the Rusty Key and you will get a Green Key. By the foot of the bed there will be a BOX and a CABINET. Interact with the CABINET and use the Green Key and you will obtain a Polygon.

Click on the BOX and you will get a selection screen. Simply match the shapes you obtained with the selection (ie. Oval for the OVAL SHAPE). Once all 3 shapes have been inserted, click on the BOX again and open it. You will get a Laboratory Pass.

Go back to the EXPERIMENT TUBE and use the Laboratory Pass. The tube will open and expose a staircase. GO DOWNSTAIRS and you will find yourself in a sewer area. Walk towards the other side and you will emerge besides a SEWER PIPE in the “poor section” of Lighthaltzen. When you go back down that SEWER PIPE you will find yourself in the sewers again. Walk over to the other side and you will be in the Somatology Lab 2. Congratulations! You have found BioLabs!

Alternatively, once you have completed this quest, you can access the BioLabs level 1 by going to the Lab area of the Rekenber Building. You will need to wear your GEEK GLASSES and GRANDPA BEARD to get pass the guard

12 thoughts on “Lighthalzen

  1. I got a different set of numbers, and I also got 18 digits. For some reason these numbers dont work in the barrel and I don’t understand why.

    43 26 59 14 98 71 67 82 35

  2. It won’t work! I’m using the second digit but it still says ‘nothing changes’.
    63 16 99 34 78 41 57 82 25
    What am I doing wrong?

  3. I got no 23 66 39 b54 18 81 97 42 75 >I already use as you suggest but I can’t open the barrel…..What I want to do please respond me as soon as posible

  4. to clear up the confusion: make a list of the numbers from 1 to 9 using the 2nd digit. then use the FIRST digits from first to last number of that list. for example: Zent. 23 66 39 54 18 81 97 42 75. reorder the list to : 81, 42, 23, 54, 75, 66, 97, 18, 39. see the 2nd digits in order? now use the FIRST digits: 8, 4, 2, 5, 7, 6, 9, 1, 3. =) hope it helps.

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