It’s like seeing him come to life again …


I just watch Superman Returns tonight with my hubby and my in laws (2 sisters and a lil’ brother). I wonder how the film effects crew turn one Brandon Routh to look exactly like Christopher Reeve. It was creepy, just like seeing him come to life again.

I really love Christopher Reeve. Nobody can ever doubt his personification of the DC Comic’s superhero. It has been quite a long time since this superhero character absent from our lives. Its good to see it finally back on the big screen. Takes you back to the years when life was so full of imagination. A time where innocence and fervent imagination was more prevailing than anything else. The more you gain age, the more you learn that you have to earthen your imagination in order to cope with life. Perhaps not all of you agree with this ( I smiled as I typed these words down ..a sign that deep within me I don’t buy what I wrote ^_^). But then again … life gets complicated as you stroll on its path, it’s natural.
Well … the movie was good, the plot was simple and easy to understand. I think this movie is the opening of more Superman movies. All in all, it was a good entertainment. Reminds me of my childhood and a dream I had. Even as a grown woman I still keep this one dream alive within me, along with the tingling feeling deep inside my heart. The one that calls me….. to fly

2 thoughts on “It’s like seeing him come to life again …

  1. Hihihih … He knows my thoughts and dreams … and if I were able to fly, I’ll take him with me 😉

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