Free Space Optics

RonjaLagi ngidam FS, cuma harganya nggak kuwat cing. US$2k-3k? *huek* Tapi ternyata nemu di Wikipedia, FSO ada versi GPL bo’! Namanya Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access (RONJA). Niat, dari bungkus ampe PCB-nya home-made. 😀

Free Space Optics (FSO) is a telecommunication technology that uses light propagating in free space to transmit data between two points. The technology is useful where the physical connection of the transmit and receive locations is difficult, for example in cities where the laying of fibre optic cables is expensive.

Free Space Optics is also used to communicate between space-craft, since outside of the atmosphere there is little to distort the signal. The optical links usually use infrared laser light, although low-data-rate communication over short distances is possible using LEDs. IrDA is a very simple form of free-space optical communications. Distances up to the order of 10 km are possible, but the distance and data rate of connection is highly dependent on atmospheric conditions.


LightpointeSonabeamFSO “Komersial” US$2k-3k *gatel-gatel*

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