Something that is prematurely born is always in need of extra attention. Just as premature baby needs certain care and equipment such as the incubator and so forth. So does a company that is prematurely born. The company born out of the eagerness of its founder to catch the potential IT market that is said to be ‘thriving’ in Indonesia, is somehow prematurely (or say hastely) founded.

Without enough consideration of what the terget market may be, and the lack of human resources within, the company is forced to take its own form. I am the person whose from the very beginning reluctance of all the hurrying. I never quite agree to what the shareholders believe in. I consider myself to be a person a great cautious when it comes to a very serious things as founding a company.

As I previously though, the company cannot just breakthrough its way of becoming a H/W and S/W reseller, for this field has been pact with other companies as predecessor. If we are to succeed to make our self known, there are two things in my opinion that needs extra attention. One, is our specialization upon the type of h/w and s/w that we want to sell. We cannot offer something that we are not capable of procuring. Our sister company recent agreement with HP must be extended so that includes our company. Second, if we are to sell this HP hardware, who is out target market? Third, there is absolutely lack of employee in our company. There is only me and mas Yud in this company, I mean on the working level, the two other are the bosses of the company. There isn’t even a finance caretaker (this one happens because of a special unimportant and by far the silliest reason …and I loath to talk about it)

Now… now… the impact of this decision was profound. We haven’t made much client, and when we do, we do not derive enough profit to cover all our expenses. Not only our sister company loss a lot in investing (for their source of income is seasonal as other government-oriented consulting firms) but the new company employees also suffered (a.k.a me and mas Yud).

I do not say anything upto this day, merely asking of the company obligation to fulfill their due to us. I am not a girl of wealth, I support myself and therefore I need my salary. I’ve heard stories of the successful persons such as Mr. BEF, that endure 8 long months without salary and survived to be the second richest person on the company’s Group. Had things were different to me, had I am not on the brink of matrimony (that as we all know needs a lot of financial resources), had not my parents suffice for it all. I won’t be ashame to ask their favors. But since they funded all my wedding attire, I cannot ask them to suffice my daily needs. sigh … sigh… sigh…

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