True Blue ….

I feel blue all day long. Perhaps its got something to do with pms, or perhaps its got something to do with my ever-nearer-wedding date. I feel anxious because this wedding is involving soo.. many people and soo.. many different views and opinion that adhere to each of their beholders. I think a good project manager will easily do their wedding right. I consider myself to be a good project manager (^_^) but since there is so much emotion attached to your own wedding you just cannot think right.

I wonder how people survive their wedding plans. …. yelp …yelp ….. (^_-)

The part which I consider the hardest to accommodate is everything that involve taste. Ta da!!!!! Everything about a wedding is about someone’s taste. The ambience, the decoration, the music, everything that cannot be frankly opposed. Such a wretched creature we are if we do not at least consider our (for example) mother or mother in law’s opinion.

Every woman wants their wedding day to be El Perfecto! But then again, nothing is perfect in this world. I may have to be contended with everything I’ve worked so hard for the past months. It is called ‘bersyukur’.

I just hope (with all my heart though) that everything will be ok. ……

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